About us

About us

   K.Knit is a manufacturing textile company that focused on production and raw materials.
   K.Knit produce variety of textile products for every customers. We have our standard that controled and managed the production process. With our passion, we always try to serve and approach our customer's expectations.

We highly focused on health and environment, so we organized dust collector system which use to reduce air pollution that would affect directly to our employee's health.


K.Knit Textile Co., Ltd. was officially established in 2002 as one of the leading textile manufacturers in Thailand. Service, Quality, Innovation & Cost Effectiveness are areas in which K.Knit Textile Excels. We have demonstrated over in the past our ability to meet the challenge and we will continue to provide the best products and services and systems in the industry.

  • 2002 - K.Knit Textile Co.,Ltd. was established
  • 1981 - KCK Flatknit Co.,Ltd. was established


  • sustainable growth of business, environment, and personnel
  • using modern machinery to work efficiently
  • towards internationalization with the finest qualitys
  • attention and focus on our customers' needs


  • Developing textile continuously.
  • Manufacturing products with high quality materials and advanced machinery.
  • On time delivery .
  • Meet customer needs.
  • Stable business operation.
  • Maintaining environmental sustainability.

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